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Book review - Blue Light Yokohama by Nicolas Obregon

Blue Light Yokohama - Nicolas Obregon

The title of the book attracted me. So when my brother bought this book, i asked him to leave it at my place once he is done reading it. And honestly, I am glad he did.


The story starts with Hedio Akashi trying to save a woman from jumping off a cable car but fails. Fast forward 15 years and you have TMPD Homicide Inspector Kosuke Iwata and Assistant Inspector Sakai investigating a gruesome murder of a family of four. Investigation leads them to some more murders, some following this incident and some done years ago. The murders seem to have some connection with a religious cult. Are they all related?


This is not all. The story also gives us hints about Iwata and Sakai's disturbed pasts and about the corruption and manipulation in TMPD. It slowly goes on revealing the details and takes us close to the suspect. The blend of the personal lives of the Inspectors and the crime they are investigating is very well done.


Being a crime novel there are graphic description of murders and dead bodies, but the narration is so smooth that the cruelty does not get on to you.

The book hooks you from the first page and keeps you gripped throughout. Undoubtedly one of the best crime thrillers I have read in recent past.